born for this.

Diary Entry, 6 

Place —-> terrace

Time —-> 6 pm

Mood —-> nervous and probably slightly scared

Dear Diary…


Yesterday evening, after my kiss with Damon… um. Well I knew this was definitely coming but you know… this quickly?

I had to steal some files from the computer lab today. Some of them were still in paper form, under a secure lock, but most of them were in the database. I knew that the technicians leave the database open from 5-6 pm because they have a break. They don’t lock the database itself in that period of time, just the lab, and I had to sneak in and steal it. Because honestly, I’m good with breaking codes and stuff, but I’m not that good. I would never manage to break that code. It would be a challenge even for B, and she’s pretty god damn amazing.

So I did, I stole everything the Source asked of me and sent it through, to them. I still think the whole ‘courier service’ plan they’ve come up with is truth to be told, brilliant.

But obviously Nick and I assume, Alaric were the first to notice the break-in and they alerted Sam. At first they wanted the guilty one to come forward and confess, but since obviously I didn’t do that, they flipped out and sent us all to freeze outside, while they were searching our rooms!

They were all pissed off, I mean seriously angry. Ugh, now I’m even more afraid what will happen if they catch me. I don’t know how am I supposed to do this.

I mean, I did pretend to be completely shocked by what’s happened, and they bought it because honestly, we all had the same facial expression and pretty much same deception skills, so they hit the dead end here. I don’t think the Watchers will say anything to the Administrators, not just yet. It’s still not a serious matter. But it will become, and they’ll have to alert them really soon.

Which brings me to this…

I received another note from the Source today. They need me to plant their ‘special’ recording bugs in the Watchers’ hallway! And I still have to plant one in Sam’s office!

At first when I saw what they want from me, I was literally this close to say no. How the f am I supposed to do that?! I’ll have to disable their cameras for a short while before I get to plant mine! And I mean not disable as in stop them from working because they would notice that, I’ll have to plant the video of the recorded empty hallway so the security thinks that it’s really the empty hallway! AND THAT means I have to hack into the system first. That one’s not a problem, I’ve done it before but…

I need an empty school for that. Well, not really empty, but Watcher-free at least.

So as I said, at first it appeared to be mission impossible until Nick and Sam announced some archery competition… and I saw my chance there. Because the winners of the competition would get to go on missions, and the Watchers would go with them.

The only bad thing is that I’ll have to really suck at that competition, end up last or something so they don’t choose me to go. That way I’ll have the chance to do what the Source asked of me without getting caught.

Sounds brilliant, right? I still think it’s risky and if I succeed in this, I’ll succeed in anything. And if I miss this chance, I probably won’t get another one.


- Elena