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Secrets & Bloodletting // Sanlena 

It was almost 11pm. Elena was returning from the gym, where she had to help out the maintenance to put everything back in place. Now when she thought about it, it wasn’t as bad - kitchen was worse. But after the entire day of cleaning, coordinating practice sessions, jogs, classes and workouts, it was incredibly tiring being on gym duty as well, but you know… it was something Elena was aware she had to do.

The hallways were empty, only she could hear chatting from the rooms. She felt like ghost walking down the corridors. It was hard living like that. After what happened with Costello and how she heard Damon had beaten the crap out of the guy, Elena cut down on her night activities, just out of gratitude, even when Damon didn’t know. And oh how much she suffered from not being able to talk to him, to hug him, to tell him she was still there, she was still alive. It wasn’t really hard being a ghost, except for a fact that she wanted him to see her, to notice her presence, which he easily ignored.

She made a quick left turn and entered the last hallways before the Watchers’ one when she heard tap-tap-tap behind her. Someone else’s footsteps. She frowned and turned around to meet the Sweeper bitches that verbally attacked her and threatened, only with an addition of the third one. Elena rolled her eyes at them before she sighed.

”Seriously?” She asked, shrugging. ”You do understand the Watchers are a hallway away, right?”

The tallest one of them grinned. ”And you do understand they don’t give a flying fuck about you? We’ll be doing them a favor, as the matter of a fact.” Elena swallowed, seeing the pure sincerity in girl’s voice and look. They weren’t joking. And right now, they weren’t in the kitchen, on plain sight, and there wasn’t Quinn to defend her. Actually, Elena was almost certain that even if they checked the surveillance footage and saw what really happened, they wouldn’t lift a finger to stop them.

”Look, I don’t want any trouble.” Elena said calmly and stepped backwards. She was starting to be nervous and she needed a plan. Plan to defend herself, perhaps. Or just run? She was unsure.

”Well now, that’s too bad, ‘cause that’s exactly what we want.” Said the green-eyed chick, piercing her with her sharp gaze. Elena shook her head, not wanting to give them the pleasure of enjoying her fear. It wasn’t a fear of them bitches, it was just that fear she would be blamed for starting a fight. Because really, she was the endangered one there. ”See this girl here?” She pointed out to the third girl that joined them. ”Salvatore’s errand boys gave her a broken arm. Do you think that’s nice? And shit happened because of you. Slut.” The girl stepped out of the shadow and Elena noticed her arm being plastered. ”So now, we’re going to give you a little bit of your own medicine, stupid bitch.”

The alarm in Elena’s head went off. She figured it would be better to run than to fight them off because honestly, injuries would heal and that way she wouldn’t have the Academy ‘round her neck again. So she turned around and before she even had a chance to even start running, the girl pulled her by the hand, twisted it behind her back and pinned her to the wall. Elena’s cheek hit the wall and she felt the scratch. ”How does that feel, huh you filthy whore? I will rip your heart out of your chest for what you’ve been doing, and no one will care!” She yelled into Elena’s ear.

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